With over 25 years experience as an accomplished textile designer, Russell has worked with Sunbrella, Maharam, Knoll, Arc Com, Momentum, Ultrafabrics, Prince Street and Invision carpets, among others. Her intuitive sense of color, guided by a deep passion for holistic health and healing, brings an incredibly unique and innovative perspective to her design and color work. Russell was responsible for originating Carnegie’s Philosophy division which in 1998 for the first time in textiles, aimed its focus on fabrics that resonate towards affirming wellness. Light, space, interaction, dimension, texture, sound and color are her tools to create environments that embrace wellness.

Through her studies with some of the world’s most renowned experts, Russell has concentrated her research on sound, color, light and homeopathy. For the last twenty five years, she has studied with Dahlianaji Hohe, internationally recognized master of the ancient science of sound, and researcher of the psycho-spiritual dynamics of the subtle energy centers, chakras. Under the guidance of Dr. D. Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., in Seattle, Russell researched the vibrational influence of the environment on physical and subtle bodies. She also completed a two-year certification program with Dr. S. Vazquez, Ph.D., from Dallas, for the use of the Photon light machine. This instrument is a curative tool using color and hertz frequencies for both psychological and physiological maladies. Russell is a certified color therapist since 1997 from Hygeia College of Colour Therapy, England, under the direction of Theo Gimbel. Russell’s vibrational understanding of these various healing modalities makes her creative designs and colors, not only a delight of visual perception, but also true agents of vibrational wellness.

Russell continues to work within the design field creating new collections, inspiring the A&D through presentations and CEU courses and is exploring development of new applicable formulations to textiles and products that interact within the environment.